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Why OCP Uniforms are Better and What are their Best Features?

OCP Uniforms for Army and Air Force

Air Force units from the October beginning this year are allowed to wear the OCP Uniforms. OCP refers to the Operational Camouflage Pattern. This is similar to the uniform of the Army.

Nearly 300 Airmen last year were deployed around the world to various locations as a deployment period. These deploying Airmen owing to the requirements of the deployment received the OCP uniform.

The OCPs are authorized to wear the OCP this fall. While select Air Force and Army Exchange service locations, namely, Shaw Air Force Base, Charleston Air Force Base, Aviano Air Base, and MacDill Air Force Base command the Airmen to acquire their OCP Uniforms. This is because of supply and availability.

The uniforms can be bought from AAFES locations. The Air Force Personnel Center includes more than 100,000 Airmen, and they are wearing this uniform already.

OCP changes

The OCP is changing the Airman Battle Uniform with sage green and a gray digital tiger-stripe uniform that is worn by most Airmen. The earlier variant, ABU was chosen as October 2011 to be the mandatory wear date, when both were replaced, the Desert Camouflage Uniform and Woodland Camouflage Uniform. The OCP uniform needs low maintenance than the BDUs that needed boot polishing and pressing. The OCP changes allowing this uniform to be worn even with suede boots, identical to the ABU.

Best features

The overall comfort is assured with OCP Uniforms. There is a lighter feel, and the maintenance ease is an added benefit. The uniform functionality is appealing. It features pockets with vertical opening and has a zipper system, while there are hook and loop closures such that getting objects faster is now possible. Besides, they are less obstructive in comparison to the ABU buttons.

OCP uniform is suitable for day and night environments. It has a better style and design that it is suitable for multiple terrains, abroad and home.